Inwon Choue is a political thinker, practitioner in civic agenda and the 15th President of Kyung Hee University.

As president, he leads Kyung Hee devoted to academic excellence and global eminence, along with its long-standing tradition of public engagement for humanity and the sustainable future of the Planet. This tradition is embedded in various academic researches, disciplines, dialogues, and global practices of the university. Currently, he has broadened Kyung Hee’s endeavor to ameliorate ‘modern problematique’ seated in human society, climate change and environmental issues.

As a scholar, Dr. Choue has conducted research in the field of ‘esthetic space’ in life and politics, and taught at the Department of Political Science, the Graduate Institute of Peace Studies, and the Graduate School of NGO Studies of Kyung Hee University. His scholarship has sought a reflective unison of ‘reason and passion,’ ‘humans and institutions,’ ‘reality and ideals,’ engendering political discourses that aims to transcend today’s socio-political cleavages. At the core of such task lies his continuing works to bring forward a holistic, transcendental vision of the self and reality.

He is the author and editor of many books, including State and Choice (1998), The Dusk of Modern Civilization: Clashes and Beyond (2004), Dialogues off the 20th Century (2006), Politics Beyond Trammels: Political Discourse for Transcendental Engagement (2006), Exploring Utopian Future of Politics (2008), The Future of Universities (2010), Transformative Challenges: Modern Civilization and Beyond (2010), Give Peace Another Chance (2012), Politics and Politics and Beyond (2012), and The Future Within (2016). His views have also been advanced in such works as “The Myth of Causal Necessity,” “Re-humanizing Dialectics,” and “Underneath Globalization: Lingering Life Politics and Its Future in Korea.”

As a practitioner, Choue has presented many agendas and proposals to the government, civil society, and international communities. He was a member of the Transition Committee of the President of the Republic of Korea in charge of deliberating national visions (1997), head of the Planning Committee of the 1999 Seoul International Conference of NGOs (1998-99) held in collaboration with UN NGO/DPI (Department of Public Information) and CoNGO (The Conference of NGOs), member of the Civic Society Development Committee of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea (2004-05), board member of The Hope Institute (2006-11), Co-chair of the World Civic Forum 2009 hosted by UN DESA (Department of Economic and Social Affairs) and Kyung Hee University (2009), UNESCO Chair Professor (2011-present) and Fellow of WASS(The World Academy of Art and Science) (2016-present). His articles on ‘alternative politics and civilizations’ have appeared in major newspapers, weeklies and periodicals in Korea. He was also responsible for a series of Korean mass media’s special reports and dialogues on “Clashes of Civilizations: Visions and Hopes”, ” “What is the Politics of the Future?”, “In Search of New Cultural Codes for the Next Society,” and “Bringing the Future Back In: A New Horizon of Resonance and Interconnectivity.”

Inwon Choue is a graduate of the Political Science Department at Kyung Hee University. He continued his studies in the U.S., first at Fairleigh Dickinson University for a Master of Art in International Affairs, and then at the University of Pennsylvania, where he received a Doctor of Philosophy with his dissertation on “The Politics of Industrial Restructuring”.